Where to Buy ETH in 2022?

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency and blockchain system after Bitcoin. The token allows a user to pay for purchases directly, without the participation of third parties. This makes the transaction process more secure, and the system itself more and more popular on the market. 

The volatility of Ethereum also plays a significant role: users who bought ETH at the beginning of 2022 increased their capital at least 5 times, and this isn’t the limit: according to experts, the price of the token will only grow. At the same time, the price of Ethereum is currently much lower than the cost of Bitcoin, which makes the token popular among newcomers. This article will tell both beginners and experienced cryptocurrency market’s users where to buy ETH quickly and profitably.

Where Is ETH Sold?

There are several ways to purchase this cryptocurrency in 2022: 

  • centralized exchanges;
  • decentralized exchanges (DEX);
  • some wallets.

Exchanges are companies that allow users to buy cryptocurrency for real money. These platforms have control over any ETH that people buy.

Decentralized exchangers give users more control over their money and are suitable for those who are worried about security on the platform. Here a cryptocurrency is sold by individuals. With the help of DEX, any person can trade without transferring control over their funds to other companies.

Some wallets also offer the person the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency using a debit or credit card, bank transfer, or even Apple Pay or Google Pay. The method may not be valid in some regions due to geographical restrictions.

Advantages of the Ethereum Cryptocurrency 

Clients highlight the following advantages of ETH: 

  1. A reliable registry for storing information and working with it.
  2. A proven method of data transmission.
  3. Secure transactions.
  4. A small commission.
  5. High speed of transactions.
  6. The absence of third parties, respectively, there’s no interference, a reasonable expenditure of time and money is noted.
  7. Blocking of assets on the seller’s account until all obligations on his part are fulfilled.
  8. No need to purchase powerful coin mining equipment.

Investing in ETH today can be safely considered as a way of earning money. The cryptocurrency is built on a unique programming system and, of course, on blockchain technology. Its applications work stably and smoothly on any device. 

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