Cryptocurrency mixer or how to maintain maximum confidentiality

The stories that cryptocurrency transactions are entirely anonymous are only partly true. Bitcoin addresses can be tracked and linked to real individuals. Bitcoin blenders aim to help solve this problem by providing complete anonymity and maintaining user privacy.

The purpose of a Bitcoin blender

The basic principle of the Bitcoin blender, like, is mixing. It has cryptocurrency reserves to which users’ coins are added. The accumulated cryptocurrency is mixed with reserves, and arbitrary parts of the required size are sent to addresses. The mixer allows the user to set in what parts, with what delay, and to which addresses to send the cryptocurrency. For example, it will enable you to send coins from one address and accept them in 5 parts. The user eventually receives other coins with a different circulation history and other sources of origin. All distribution logs are erased when the mixing session ends, and the cryptocurrency is sent to the mixer clients.

The best solutions among Bitcoin blenders

There are many such services, and new ones are constantly appearing. Here are proven services to the work of which there are no complaints from users:

  • The service provides fast and confidential Bitcoin transactions. After confirmation, the platform charges a fee of 0.002 BTC + 0.5% of the payment. The system deletes all user data.
  • Users of this site can be sure of the high quality of “washing” of their coins, for which only bitcoins borrowed from foreign cryptocurrency exchanges are used. The blender carefully checks all purchased digital currency using the latest algorithms.
  • You!Mix is a fully automated, trusted service. In addition to safe and high-quality “washing” of coins, the blender provides convenience for its customers.

So, these services will provide you maximum privacy, regardless of your goals.

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