What is Internet of Things, Blockchain and business benefits?

The concept of the Internet of Things increases rapidly, and becomes increasingly significant for professionals to understand. Many people are not aware of the reality of what IoT (Internet of Things), what is the IOT platform, how it can be used to improve business strategies. So what exactly internet?

Internet of Things is an ecosystem of connected hardware devices that are easily accessible using the internet. ‘Things’ in IoT can be an individual wearing a smartwatch or machine with a default sensor, i.e. Computing devices are interrelated ones that must have the ability to collect and move data through the network without the help or manual intervention. Technology integrated into the device helps them interact with internal conditions or external environments, which in turn influences the decisions taken. Let’s see how IOT works?

Internet Things system integrates four components: sensor / device, connectivity, data processing, user interface.

Sensor: collect external data from the device and forward data to the cloud.
Connectivity: All devices need to be connected to the Cloud by using various methods such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Internet, Ethernet etc. Choosing which method to be connected depends on certain applications.
Data processing: After receiving data from a particular device to the Cloud, the software processes data and takes action to automatically send warnings and adjust the device without the user.
User interface: Warning sent by the device will help users see the system and make information adjustments sent to the cloud and return to the device.
IOT platform allows Cloud-based applications and services:
The IOT platform is a multifacet technology that facilitates shipping, execution, and automation related devices that are not complicated in the Internet of Things Universe. It specifically connects your hardware, however it is different, to the cloud using the choice of bending connectivity, the company’s class security methodology, and a large data processing power. The IOT platform can also be referred to as a middleware that connects remote devices to the user application and handles all interactions between hardware and the application layer. The iot platform recognizes its main business value, which allows standard devices with cloud-based applications and services.

Because of the number of smart devices and can be used progressively increasing throughout the world, IOT develops. Although its development is exciting and guaranteeing changes that will affect the world in many ways but, not without shortcomings and have caused some suspicions regarding its security. The answer to this security problem can be the upcoming technology, Blockchain.

Blockchain is just a distributed ledger technology, which can be mentioned as a solution for security challenges. Blockchain technology makes it possible to cut intermediaries and make transactions directly; This records the transaction is cryptographically, so they cannot be changed or changed after being recorded. Blockchain technology has spread its wings in every industry and has an endless number of applications. With security violations that occur in IoT, Blockchain can be a solution for some pain areas. But why does IOT need blockchain technology to secure the data flow?

IoT can be secured using Blockchain:
All devices in IoT are connected to the Internet which makes them target vulnerable to hacking or victims of cyber attacks. Devices such as smart watches, smart devices, smart light bulbs, thermostats, etc. Developed and updated regularly make it very vulnerable. With technological advancements, the risk of attack will continue to increase but without blockchain. Ioot integrated blockchain can be secured and able to ward off cyber attacks.

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