How to make money invest if it’s not important

Do you prefer to make money by working on the rest of your life or make money that invests the dollar that you have accumulated? As they say, you can work for it, or you can make your money work for you. There is only one problem with clear answers here: most people don’t know anything, and make money without going to work, you must learn to invest. Let’s get started.

To generate money investing during the long term, your goal is to make your money grow at a level that at least exceeds inflation and taxes. If not, you will not advance; You step on the best water. First of all you have to understand that growth is a goal, and then you need to learn to invest money so you can do it to work. There is no secret formula to invest money, but there are shortcuts if you really want to learn to invest, especially if you sometimes feel they don’t know anything.

This is why people feel they don’t know anything: they don’t know their choice or what to look for when investing money. These are the basics, and until you understand them your chances are bad if you want to make money invest in the long run. Plus, you might never feel comfortable, especially if you lose money in the past. It is very difficult to learn to invest little by little … take one nugget information at a time. Puzzle pieces will not fit together.

So, here we start at the beginning, the ground floor. This is your shortcut if you want to learn to invest money with a strong foundation so that pieces of puzzle begin to fit together and make sense. There are only four basic choices owned by one of us, and if you want to make money invest in the long run you have to get a handle on the fourth. Here they are in the highest-risk order (with lower potential profits) to higher risks (with greater potential profits): cash & savings, bonds, shares, and alternative investment. There he is.

The first choice only pays interest and security features. Think of checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, T-Bills and money market funds. The second option offers higher interest income with moderate risk. Here we have treasury bonds, cities, companies, investment rating, junk and many other bonds and bond funds. If you want to make money invest without too much risk, you must enter these two safer choices in your portfolio.

Your third choice is stock, your main growth machine, and it clearly involves risk. You make money in stock through price appreciation (stock price increases) and from dividends. Here you find terms such as blue chips, high quality, low prices, growth, growth and income, industry, finance, high technology and so on to describe it. You don’t need to learn to invest in individual stocks; You can use stock funds and let them select stocks for you. But if you will achieve growth, stock cannot be avoided.

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